Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Lego" Frame for My Baby's Keepsake

Remember my baby's clay footprint which I mentioned in an earlier post that I had no idea what to do with it? Think I've found just what I needed...

The amazing "Lego" Frame!!

It's easy to use too! Just remove the top & bottom of the frame.

Open up the case with the transparent film.

Put the clay footprint in between the film.

Press it together (see how the film stretches).

Put back the top & bottom of the frame.

And it's done! Perfect!

You can even use it for your precious collections, be it photos, toys, or your favorite rings & watches etc...

The film is quite stretchable so you can actually frame any item that fits within the frame (except for sharp items that might puncture the film). And if you decide to replace it with other items, just place the frame over warm water & the film will shrink back to its original shape again.

The frames comes in 3 different sizes (S, M, L), in 5 colors, and they are stackable too just like Legos! That's why I call it the Lego frame.. Got it! (*・.・)οΎ‰


dreamzgirl said...

can i know where u bought the frames n the prices?

Lit'l Brown Bird said...

Hi i bought the frame at this toy shop at IMM (same level as the food court). The large one is $55.60 and the small one is $33.60. Cheers!