Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Green! Save The Trees

Wanna study up on how to stop getting phonebooks?

If 10,000 of you opt out of a phonebook, you'll keep about 620 trees standing.

The Benefits
* More paper for textbooks. About 540 million unsolicited phonebooks arrive at American doors annually - takes a lotta trees to make those.

* Majoring in waste reduction. Phonebooks make for about 660,000 tons of trash every year.

* Extra credit: less annoyance. Just lugging phonebooks into the house when you know you'll never use them is a pain.

None of you have used a paper phonebook since the advent of Google SMS (send a text message to 466453 with business name and zip code, and you'll get the number and address sent to you).

Don't cheat yourself or the forest. Sign up and you'll never receive another paper phonebook.

* YellowPagesGoesGreen - enter your info here to get your name off the mailing list.

* Earth 911 - recycle your old phonebooks (if you have curbside recycling, just toss them in there).

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