Saturday, September 27, 2008

Everything Is A Phase

Finally I can start sewing now after 5 months! She is able to play alone now, though for a while at a time. Still seems kinda unbelievable that my little one who so far seems to need my attention for every waking moment, is amusing herself with her little hands and feet!

Well, nothing goes on forever and just when you think you've reached breaking point, things will change again.

That's why I keep telling myself not to stress. Just take time to enjoy every moment I have with her even through all the feeding and vomiting, crying and fussiness and the sleepless nights because she won't remain baby forever and I know one day I will miss being close to her in that special way that I can only be when she is so little! So I'm trying to get as many cuddles as I can now.

This bit goes so quickly - everything is a phase - so make the most of every moment.